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Business Builder: Infoproduct

From the Bright Ideas Bulletin, May, 2000

One great way to start or build a business is by creating an infoproduct.

An information product is simply information that you create (write/tape/film) about something you know that you can give or sell to customers or potential clients.

In the "Green Thumb" Brainstorming session, above, I said "Write a 'How to' guide on how to care for specialty plants in your region." Turn this topic into your area of expertise, like how to raise chickens, find a needle in a haystack, or scuba dive in New Zealand, and you could have yourself a product!

Before production, do appropriate research in discussion groups and through surveys to see if there's a market for it, then put a price tag and a sales letter on that puppy and you could have yourself a nice profit stream to add to your existing line.

Another way to use an infoproduct is by educating your customers. If you own a jewelry store, for example, you could create an infoproduct to show what to look for in a diamond. If you're an accountant, you could produce a "businessstartup accounting checklist." By teaching your customer what he needs to know, he'll trust your advice and be inclined to buy your product or service.

I first saw this idea in an article about a used piano salesman who created a "How To Tell If Your Used Piano Is Worth The Money" pamphlet in which he revealed the dirty tricks some second hand dealers use to make a used piano sound like it's in better shape than it is. The pamphlet was distributed to students free of charge through piano teachers in the area, and brought in a huge response from parents not wanting to get ripped off on this major purchase.

It's a clever tactic you can modify to suit your own needs.

If you'd like to learn more about creating an infoproduct, I highly recommend "Make Your Knowledge Sell!" by Ken Evoy and Monique Harris,

Not only is this course a great bargain, it walks you step-by-step through creating an infoproduct so you'll have marketable material by the time you finish. It's how I produced SimpleWays To Make More Money in less than a month, part time. See for yourself.

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