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>> Taxes and Accounting | taxes - Avoid mistakes and audits, and save the most on your taxes with's tax features and tools.

TaxHotline - Tax regulations are constantly changing. As they get more and more complex, professional tax services are in greater demand. But costs for these services can be prohibitive. Who can you turn to? How can you get the expert advice you need that could help you save money now and in the future? TaxHotline can help.

The Tax Master - Save money on your taxes through legal and ethical home business tax deductions. Receive tax relief through this proven system supported by over 43,000 pages of tax laws.

The U.S. Tax Consultants, Ltd. - Our mission is to provide reasonably priced U.S. tax services to small and medium size accounting firms where an on-site U.S. expert is not practical. Our focus is on serving the needs of the tax practitioner, and through them, the needs of the American citizen or investor in American property.

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