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>> Office Supplies - the Web's one-stop shop for printing business cards. - the premier marketplace for your business, home business, internet business, or small business. From furniture, digital cameras, scanners and printers, to fax and copier machines, phones, business news, computer software, 401k and health insurance quotes, we provide businesses with all their needs, - professional printing over the internet. Allows customers to quickly and easily create, proof, and order a complete line of professionally-printed items -- everything from business cards to bumper stickers. - We know that we are an innovative, time-saving Internet service that lets you print, bind and deliver flawless business documents directly from your desktop. But don't take our word for it...try it yourself for FREE. - a one-stop source for office supplies, furniture, and electronics. - Print U.S.-approved postage for all your letters, postcards and packages, directly from your desktop! All you need is a PC, a laser or ink-jet printer, and an Internet connection to access postage 24 hours a day! - Staples Inc. is a $9 billion retailer of office supplies, furniture and technology to consumers and businesses from home-based businesses to Fortune 500 companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal. - the Internet's online printshop from your desktop. Allows you to build business cards, letterhead, promotional items and much more directly from your Web browser. Technology lets you change colors, fonts, clip-art, or even upload you own artwork.

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