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>> Human Resources - is an online marketplace where you can outsource project-based work to a global community of contract professionals. Project managers can quickly locate and select qualified professionals. Talented independent contractors and service businesses can find assignments that match their skills and their schedules.

Betasearch Career Resource Site - Extensive listings of job sites, job postings, employment services & resume writing services.

Documented Reference Check - provides you with the same information your previous employers pass on to prospective employers. We diligently gather all available facts regarding your work history and attempt to verify additional information such as employment dates, titles, salary and other pertinent facts. The conversation by your previous employer will be documented. A written report is then generated, signed, dated and promptly forwarded to you. If you never litigate, you still have access to similar information that potential employers gather before making an offer of employment. - is the UK's No. 1 online recruitment service and a 'One-Stop-Career-Shop' for graduates and those looking to hire them. - Let people know who you really are. Offering reference file services, job application, resume preparation, letters of reference/recommendation, and preparation of transcripts.

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