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Cardservice International - has credit card processing options for all business types. Real-time processing at the best rates with great service. - full-service electronic commerce solution for small businesses and individuals. Our integrated E-commerce package is designed to help you sell your merchandise on the Internet, starting right now. - providing secure real-time credit card processing for internet-based businesses.

Electronic Transfer Inc. - offers complete credit card processing system.

Heartland Payment Systems - is one of the world's largest credit card processors, specializing in real-time processing solutions for Internet businesses. A merchant account from Heartland Bank/Heartland Payment Systems allows your on-line store to process credit card transactions in real-time over the Internet. And our secure online application means you can begin accepting credit cards in as little as 48 hours.

iBill - worldwide provider of electronic commerce solutions including real-time credit card processing, 900 phone billing, transaction processing, credit card subscription sales. No setup charges. Up and running in 48 hours. No software required.

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