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>> Communications - is a US telephony and Address service provider offering an array of personalized communications services including phone-to-phone, forwarding calls, calling cards, unified messaging, voice mail greetings, live attendant services as well as real USA address. We deliver and /or forward all of the mail, voicemail, fax, calls, messages to requested place worldwide. All kind of telephony services can be controlled by the user form any location worldwide by any touch tone phone. - offers free long-distance calling to any number in the U.S. - low-cost internet faxing service. There is no software or system requirements and you only pay for the duration of the call and not for each document faxed. - a technology leader in integrating global unified messaging and internet communications solutions. It offers free global unified messaging services to subscribers around the world including email, voicemail and faxes. - largest selection of domains (12,000+) to create your personalized email address. Specialize in sharing Family Names. Also Professions, Expressions, Business, Sports, Hobbies, and more. - Sign up for free voicemail email and fax from Receive free private local phone number and email account. is a free communications service giving you a free local phone number and email address for receiving and retrieving voicemail e-mail and fax in one place for free. - free PC-to-Phone and PC-to-PC voice calls over the Internet.

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